Integrating AI in Human-Human Collaborative Ideation

CHI '23 Workshop


Joongi Shin is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the User Interfaces Research Group at Aalto University. His work focuses on conversational agents that support collaborative ideation among a large number of users. His research explores how artificial facilitators can guide group members to effectively build on each other's ideas and reach a consensus in asynchronous and non-collocated settings.

Janin Koch is a permanent researcher at Inria Paris-Saclay. Her research interests include collaborative artificial intelligence for exploratory creative tasks. Her work aims to define, study and evaluate human-machine interaction to construct ideas and concepts together with intelligent machines.

Andrés Lucero is an Associate Professor of Interaction Design at Aalto University. His work focuses on the design and evaluation of novel interaction techniques for mobile devices and other interactive surfaces.

Peter Dalsgaard is a Full Professor of Interaction Design at Aarhus University and director of the Centre for Digital Creativity. He studies real-life use of digital systems in creative processes, develops and experiments with prototypes of new systems and services, and develops theories to understand the role and nature of digital media in creative processes.

Wendy E. Mackay is a Research Director at Inria and head of the ExSitu research group focused on the design of human-computer partnerships, with an emphasis on interactive tools that support early-stage creative design.